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Track Your Vehicle In real Time

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking System

Get the real-time tracking of any vehicle by installing our RUDRA – J01 Tracking device. We have designed ultimate solution to monitor all vehicle with GNSS enabled automated tracking solution that include GPS, GLONAS,QZSS with ARM Cortex MO+ fast controller which is supported through approx. 24 satellite worldwide.

Get full monitoring of your car

OBD GPS Car Tracking System

Plug the OBD GPS car Tracker RUDRA - OBD into your car’s OBD port and get full monitoring of your car. You can get the data like Temperature, Fuel level, Harsh braking, Geofence zone alerts, etc. It gives you also the maintenance reminder for your car.

Make your home a smart one

Wifi Smart Power Socket System

Make your home a smart home by using Smart Power Socket JFT - S01. When you plug a device into a smart plug, it becomes a smart device. So now you can turn on or off any device which is connected to the smart power socket from anywhere, anytime.

A family tracking system

Personal GPS Tracking System

Personal GPS tracker JFT - PT01 is a tracking device for tracking your family in real-time. This device is especially to track your small children, which play outside from home for a long time. You can also track your luggage by using this device.

Solution For Aadhaar Enrollment Center

Solution For Aadhaar Enrollment Center

Our solution is for the Aadhaar enrollment centers. Our USB GPS receivers JFT - AV01 & AV02 which are approved by UIDAI are used in aadhaar enrollment centers. Use these aadhaar GPS receivers to turn your laptop or PC into a GPS navigator and received real-time data for enrollment centers.

Get Right Direction On A Adventurous Spot

Handheld GPS Receiver

When you are going on an adventurous spot so you want to know that you are in a right location/direction or not. Handheld GPS JFT - MAP 48 useful device which helps you to give right location/direction when you are on an adventurous spot.

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